Product Badge Glossary

 Special Badge  Description 
AR Filter Enabled
This badge means that the product can be used with a special AR filter that you can access on Snapchat.
✨ Illumix's Pick 
This badge means that we really enjoy a particular product's design & would highly recommend it if you're having a difficult time deciding 😁
Bestseller  This badge speaks for itself--this means the product is a fan fave!


Availability Badge   Description 
🔥 Selling Fast 🔥  When this badge appears it means that most of the item stock has been purchased--so you probably want to act quickly!
Low Stock  When this badge appears on limited edition items, it means that there are only a few of that item left, and that it's very close to being completely sold out. 
Sold Out   When this badge appears on an item in an evergreen collection, it means that our manufacturers need to restock that item--hang tight, and it should be available again soon.

If this badge appears on limited edition items it means that the item stock has been completely sold out and will not be restocked. These designs will go back into our design vault--keep your eyes peeled, because they may possibly make a reappearance for special events!